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Aluminum Fence FAQ

How many colors are available?
– There are a total of 12 colors available, GreenWay stocks the Satin Black and Bronze Fine Texture in certain styles.

What is the wrack ability of a standard section?
– The residential fence can wrack up to 24” per 6’ section, the commercial fence can wrack up to 20” per 8’ section, and the industrial will wrack up to 17” per 8’ section.

What type of coating is used?
– All aluminum fence is powder coated meeting the AAMA 2604 specs. AAMA 2605 is available in certain colors upon request.

What kind of warranty is offered with the aluminum fence?
– See our warranty sheet here.

Is there a puppy panel option?
– Yes, we have a short picket option that is 20” high designed to restrict small dogs exiting between the pickets.

Can you do custom swoop down sections?
– Yes, we have done numerous swoop down sections, custom height or special designs and color options.

Can you do radius sections?
– Yes, we can do a radius section for a rounded wall or any other type of radius

Can you mount posts on a concrete wall?
– Yes, we have a welded plate option which allows you to lag the post to a concrete or wood surface.

Aluminum Railing FAQ

How are the rails fastened to the posts?
– A covered brackets system is included with each standard section. The U-shaped bracket is screwed to the post and side screwed to the rail with a top cover providing a hidden fastener system.

Can you fasten the railing posts to an existing deck?
– Yes, all the railing posts are available with welded plates that can be fastened to a concrete or wood surface.

How long is the warranty valid?
– Westbury aluminum railing has a 30-year limited warranty to the original owner. See warranty.

Are you able to do a radius? 
– Yes, we can do a custom radius for a Westbury railing. Stair curvatures are not available. See order form.

Is the Westbury aluminum railing been tested for building code? 
– Yes, meets or exceeds CCRR-0163. See evaluation report.

What height does my railing need to be to meet code? 
– All decks above 30” require a railing system. See your local town requirements to meet the proper height and baluster spacing.

Can I use a lighting system with my railing? 
– GreenWay offers a compatible low voltage or solar lighting.

What type of coating is used?
– Westbury aluminum railing meets the AAMA 2604 powder coating specs. AAMA 2605 is available upon request. See Powder Coating Verification.

How many color options are available?
12 standard color options with custom color options

Is it difficult to cut aluminum? 
– Aluminum can be cut easily with a standard saw blade, fine tooth recommended.

Is there a compatible ADA railing for wheelchair ramps or stairs? 
– ADA handrail is available and designed to be used in conjunction with the Westbury aluminum railing. See CHR brochure.

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Maciej Mike Malinowski
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Sam Esh
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My wife and I used Greenway for 2 different jobs this year and couldn't be more happy with the product and the crew. We worked with Dave and he was outstanding. Everything went great.
17:54 15 Nov 23
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Leroy Fox
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Us here at Star Quality Swingsets couldn’t recommend Greenway more. They carry great products and have very competitive prices.
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Ervin Glick
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