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Select All Your Gate Hardware Through GreenWay Fence & Railing Supply LLC

Did you know, in addition to offering attractive aluminum and vinyl gates and fencing, GreenWay Fence & Railing Supply LLC also carries hardware and accessories for these products? Discover all the essential landscaping components you require to enhance your property through this convenient website, from estate gate openers to child safety latches!

If you visit our website frequently, you’ll appreciate the ability to locate in-demand items at attractive wholesale prices. We accept individual orders, as well as requests for high volume purchases!

Some Examples of Useful Gate Hardware Products

Just consider some types of gate hardware you can order through GreenWay Fence & Railing Supply LLC along with your fences, railings, and gates:

Automatic Commercial Gate Openers

Locate commercial gate openers conveniently. Choose options for keypads, remote entry systems or “card swipe” entry systems. We’ll help you find suitable estate gate openers for aluminum or vinyl gates, for instance. Let us know the dimension of your gate and any necessary specifications. Call us with questions!

Non-Self-Closing Hardware

Do you require non-self closing gate hardware for a stylish vinyl picket fence or aluminum gate? Ask us to supply handles, knobs, bells, latches, hinges and other items. To order specific makes and models not listed in our inventory, simply use the convenient website inquiry form.

Self-Closing Hardware

We assist customers in finding self-closing gate hardware systems, too. For instance, inquire about adjustable tension products meeting your specifications.




Pool Safety-Code Hardware

Does your local pool safety code specify certain mandatory, or optional, hardware for use with gates surrounding pools? Find all these products here! If we don’t carry a component in stock, we’ll order it for you.

Gate Drop Rod Products

Discover gate drop rods, cane bolts and drop pins for double gates through GreenWay Fence & Railing Supply LLC. We’ll assist you with customized orders for these hard-to-find accessories.

Safety Latches with Alarms

Visit the GreenWay Fence & Railing Supply LLC website to locate safety latches with associated alarm systems. We help customers order specialized supplies. Our emphasis on furnishing reliable product support and customer service means you can ask our staff to assist you in obtaining any safety latches and other alarm products required by local building codes or municipal health and safety regulations.





Your One-Stop Source for Gate Supplies

To place an order for any of these products, or other vinyl or aluminum gate hardware components, contact us. Consider us your best resource for locating landscaping and fencing materials!

Areas We Sell Gate Hardware: 

  • PA
  • NJ
  • NY
  • OH
  • MD
  • DE

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Great customer service! Very good quality material!
Maciej Mike Malinowski
Maciej Mike Malinowski
12:37 14 Jun 24
If your looking for a product and a company thats loaded with quality, service and very professional ?? Do yourself a favor and look NO farther, call Greenway, you'll be delighted you chose them ! 👍💪👍
Sam Esh
Sam Esh
11:11 22 Apr 24
My wife and I used Greenway for 2 different jobs this year and couldn't be more happy with the product and the crew. We worked with Dave and he was outstanding. Everything went great.
17:54 15 Nov 23
Leroy Fox
Leroy Fox
11:30 11 Apr 23
Us here at Star Quality Swingsets couldn’t recommend Greenway more. They carry great products and have very competitive prices.
Ervin Glick
Ervin Glick
18:33 06 Dec 22