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Vinyl Decking

VEKADECK® Adds to Your Outdoor Living Space

VEKAdeck Pro is the perfect way to add value and beauty to any home. VEKAdeck Pro is a cellular processed PVC deck board designed to be the first and best performing board available, making it ideal for homeowners, architects and builders who are seeking attractive, high-performance, ultra low-maintenance deck product.

The performance characteristics of VEKAdeck Pro such as long life, high durability and ultra low maintenance requirements, along with a high return on investment and the material’s environmentally friendly status make it an ideal board for residential and commercial deck applications.

As an alternative to both naturally durable lumber and composite deckboards, VEKAdeck Pro has the added benefit that it may be used in direct contact with the ground without absorbing moisture or rotting.

VEkadeck® & Fascia Board

Our PVC fascia board is made of the same proven formula as our decking. VEKAdeck PRO fascia board can be installed on curves and semi-circles for a custom result.

Fascia Board Features:

  • Available in a true 12″ width.
  • 7/16″ thickness (.0437 in.)
  • Attractive woodgrain pattern embossed to match VEKAdeck.
  • Easily worked can be screwed or sawed.
  • Ultra low maintenance, never needs paint or stain, cleans easily, saves you time and money.
  • Limited lifetime warranty assures top quality.
  • Available colors: White, Khaki, Gray, Almond, Mocha, Walnut, Cayenne, Espresso, and Hazelnut.
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Color is often the major factor when choosing decking material. VEKAdeck Pro and matching fascia board comes in seven attractive colors mocha, khaki, walnut, almond, cayenne, gray and white to satisfy most requirements.

VEKADECK® Pro, Engineered for Performance

Not only did we analyze the deficiencies in other products, we sought to build in enhancements further adding to the value and performance. Our vinyl compound consists of 100% pure PVC as well as micro ingredients that improve the characteristics of color retention and the weatherability of the vinyl formulation.

In our co-extrusion process, the performance modifiers are concentrated in an outer layer while stabilizers and impact modifiers for durability and strength are blended into the inner core of the product. In co-extrusion, each ply of the laminate imparts a desired characteristic that is not attainable with
a mono-extruded material. Since the extruded board passes through the die under heat and pressure the layers are fused together. Our cellular process creates a microscopic honeycomb structure throughout the substrate that keeps weight down while adding to the workability of the finished board. VEKAdeck PRO is designed to have a slight crown and attractive radius edges ensuring proper water runoff. An in-line process first de-glosses the lineal then embosses an attractive wood grain texture imparting a dull non-slip finish to the raised areas. The result is a surface that is skid resistant, wet or dry.

At VEKA, we continue to work towards maintaining our leading edge in supplying the quality products you have come to expect. To this end, VEKAdeck has been tested by Architectural Testing Inc. to the ICCEvaluation Service AC174 criteria for structural properties, durability and surface burning characteristics, and has been shown to be a superior decking surface when installed in accordance with local building codes.

100% Cellular PVC

VEKAdeck Pro is not a composite and contains no organic material

Cellular PVC

VEKADECK® Pro Features and Benefits

Color Retention
VEKAdeck PRO is fade resistant under normal weathering conditions.

Insect Resistant
Impervious to insect damage.

Splinter Proof
PVC compound will not crack, split, splinter, rot, flake or peel.

Light Weight
Cellular extrusion process makes VEKAdeck PRO easier to handle than wood and plastic composite materials.

Easy to Work
VEKAdeck PRO works easily using standard tools.

Dimensionally Stable
PVC compound has a low expansion and contraction rate that allows for end to end butt joints.

Ultra-Low Maintenance
VEKAdeck PRO does not require painting or sealing.

Impact Resistant
Meets or exceeds the ASTM Standards for breaks and punctures.

Slip Resistant
Attractive embossed wood grain anti-skid surface is slip resistant when wet or dry.

Easily Fastened
VEKAdeck PRO easily accepts nails, deck screws or hidden fasteners.

Fire Resistant
VEKAdeck PRO will not sustain a flame in the event of fire.

Easy to Clean
Common spills generally clean with mild soap and water.

Environmentally Friendly
Recyclable VEKAdeck PRO is UV and water resistant, periodic chemical treatments are not necessary.

Water Resistant
PVC is moisture resistant making VEKAdeck PRO ideal for high humidity or marine areas.

Matching Fascia
Complete your deck with color matching fascia board made from the same PVC material.