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Affordable Picket Fencing

A vinyl picket fence may be your optimum choice when accenting your backyard or creating a play space for your pets or kids. Depend on our excellent fences whenever you require outdoor fencing for a backyard recreational oasis! We stock decorative fencing of the correct height and diameter to enclose swimming pools, patios, hot tubs, fish ponds, rock gardens, fountains, climbing walls, and other amenities.

Create a Backyard Oasis with Picket Fencing

As you imagine pool fencing for a new home improvement project, consider the pleasing appearance of our picket fencing. Can’t you envision yourself entering an area enclosed by a stylish backyard fence? Relax beside a pleasantly refreshing pool on a hot day and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings! Or consider how lovely our charming vinyl white picket fence appears showcasing a new rose garden.

When viewing our products, you’ll discover all the vinyl and PVC fence products you need to unleash your inner home improvement genie, including vinyl picket fence in an array of in-demand styles. As property values rise in many parts of the United States, adding attractive picket fences to landscaping can boost the appeal of serene backyard locations in a striking way. The small price of a fairy tale-like white picket fence around a pergola or a blossom-covered arbor can return its value many times over!

Our vinyl picket fence is available in 3 colors and comes in various heights and styles. You have tons of options for the style of your choice.